Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blog That 201!!!! Cigarettes

Yes such a terrible thing
so small and so clean
they bring about nothing
quitting made me so mean

The tobacco industry has thrived from the murder of millions of people but are still allowed to sell these "deathsticks" to people who are still essentially boys and girls of eighteen.  I was among this people until about two weeks ago when I had this re-occurring nightmare.  I am in the doctors office after having my lungs x-rayed and they come back to tell me that they see cancer cells.  They run tests and come back to tell me that I have stage three lung cancer and that it have three months to live if I was lucky.

The idea of paying someone to kill yourself sounds ridiculous doesn't it?  Well it should.  But that is essentially what you are doing every single time you smoke.  A filter at the end???  Why does it need a filter its not water?  Whats  the point?  The point is to give a false sense of security.  Have you ever looked inside one of the is blackened with tar, tar that is now in your lungs.  In my opinion there has never been a better design for murder, sure we have the nuclear bomb, the hydrogen bomb, and missiles that can hit the head of a pin from ten thousand miles away but really which is a better design for murder?

Blog That 201!!!!

The Greensboro historical museum is washed in natural lighting regardless of what time of day.  With the massive windows that nearly go floor to ceiling sun light pours in all hours of the daytime allowing for little next to no artificial lighting at all to exist.  The natural lighting that is received by the lobby space of the GHM is overwhelming, the use of a light shelf is a must, in my eyes.  I would like to use recessed lighting but due to the volume of the space I feel that wouldn't produce the appropriate amount of light necessary for our uses.  As a group we have discussed throughly the idea of using lighting as a way finding method but haven't made any concrete decisions as to whether or not we are going to implement that.  Our main focal point of the lobby, (that as a group we have designed), is "The WALL" not to be confused with Pink Floyd's.  Now the wall is a free floating wall made of various materials still in the works, I hope to update this post after we have decided on all the materials, with lighting running across it in an exciting way.  I think thats about all that I can muster up at this time but will be back for more on our wall.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


The fruit loops were picked by Anna because we all add different flavor to the group making the sweet multicolored milk that you eventually get to slurp up.
John (me) picked this image because it shows the group as a cohesive unit working together to make something beautiful.

Katie picked this image because it shows our differences and how we are separated among our ideals.

Alex picked this image because of how it displays our angst of speaking up and hurting each others feeling or ideas.

Paige picked this image because it describes our struggles within the group with much deliberation.