Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blog That 201!!!! Cigarettes

Yes such a terrible thing
so small and so clean
they bring about nothing
quitting made me so mean

The tobacco industry has thrived from the murder of millions of people but are still allowed to sell these "deathsticks" to people who are still essentially boys and girls of eighteen.  I was among this people until about two weeks ago when I had this re-occurring nightmare.  I am in the doctors office after having my lungs x-rayed and they come back to tell me that they see cancer cells.  They run tests and come back to tell me that I have stage three lung cancer and that it have three months to live if I was lucky.

The idea of paying someone to kill yourself sounds ridiculous doesn't it?  Well it should.  But that is essentially what you are doing every single time you smoke.  A filter at the end???  Why does it need a filter its not water?  Whats  the point?  The point is to give a false sense of security.  Have you ever looked inside one of the is blackened with tar, tar that is now in your lungs.  In my opinion there has never been a better design for murder, sure we have the nuclear bomb, the hydrogen bomb, and missiles that can hit the head of a pin from ten thousand miles away but really which is a better design for murder?

Blog That 201!!!!

The Greensboro historical museum is washed in natural lighting regardless of what time of day.  With the massive windows that nearly go floor to ceiling sun light pours in all hours of the daytime allowing for little next to no artificial lighting at all to exist.  The natural lighting that is received by the lobby space of the GHM is overwhelming, the use of a light shelf is a must, in my eyes.  I would like to use recessed lighting but due to the volume of the space I feel that wouldn't produce the appropriate amount of light necessary for our uses.  As a group we have discussed throughly the idea of using lighting as a way finding method but haven't made any concrete decisions as to whether or not we are going to implement that.  Our main focal point of the lobby, (that as a group we have designed), is "The WALL" not to be confused with Pink Floyd's.  Now the wall is a free floating wall made of various materials still in the works, I hope to update this post after we have decided on all the materials, with lighting running across it in an exciting way.  I think thats about all that I can muster up at this time but will be back for more on our wall.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


The fruit loops were picked by Anna because we all add different flavor to the group making the sweet multicolored milk that you eventually get to slurp up.
John (me) picked this image because it shows the group as a cohesive unit working together to make something beautiful.

Katie picked this image because it shows our differences and how we are separated among our ideals.

Alex picked this image because of how it displays our angst of speaking up and hurting each others feeling or ideas.

Paige picked this image because it describes our struggles within the group with much deliberation.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

201 BLOG THAT!!!!!

This post shall be a tribute to the soon to be greatest Role Playing Game of to date history surpassing World of Warcraft, Runescape, and even its predecessors Oblivion, Morrowind, hammerfall, and arena,  The Elder Scrolls Five: Skyrim.  Skyrim takes place in the fictional world of Tamriel, being one of seven provinces that make up Tamriel.  To give an idea of just how massive this game is going to be content wise it is supposed to carry three times the content of Oblivion a game that you can easily put over two hundred hours of real time playing and still not have found every dungeon, cave, baddie, or weapon.  The amount of detail that is put into skyrim will be like watching a movie that is made with current graphics and real time reactions to your actions, an immersive gaming experience that has never been experienced before.  My only complaint about this game is that it is not going to include a co-op element.  When I say co-op I mean Cooperative element that would allow you to play with friends on either the same console or online with people all around the world.

201 BLOG THAT!!!!! Random post

Okay I can do this its just one little post about actuality having no direction when attempting to do something is pretty hard, because who is to say that something is worth blogging about.  I like structure KALANI!  Well I guess I can blog about something cool I recently discovered Zombie Farm!!!!  Zombie Farm is an application for the Iphone, Ipod touch, or the Ipad.  It takes your traditional farmville throws Zombies in the mix and instantly makes the game one thousand times more entertaining for me.  Once you gather your zombie horde you can then invade places feeding on the inhabitants.
Image is taken from:

201 BLOG THAT!!!!!

There is an old saying that you are your worst critic and I believe it.  I felt my speech about the spaces that our class had visited whilst in Washington D.C. was far too rushed and hectic.  I have never been to the speaking center before but I had already taken a speaking intensive class Communication Studies while here at UNC-Greensboro previously, so the speech that they had given was a nice little refresher course of do's and do not's.  When the time comes to give another formal presentation I will definitely do much more preparation to be ready I hope to enlist someone to listen to my speech give me feed back and tell me when my speech is lacking or otherwise help me fix it.  Overall I feel I gave a decent speech i'm certainly no Obama with his incredible reserve and smooth composure.  When I was done and sat down much as I usually do I remembered so many things that I didn't talk about and felt so bad that I had spaced so badly on "things" I wanted to bring up, for example I mentioned exhibits lining the walls of the lobby and I forgot to tell about the C-3PO suit in one of the cases.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

201 BLOG THAT!!!!!

Wednesday September the fourteenth, the group that is going to be working on the Greensboro Historical Museum myself included, met with the committee that we are going to be working with to gather their input on how they envisioned the space becoming.  We also went over concerns with the space such as acoustics and lighting.  We tried to get a very broad spectrum of ideas and problems that were associated working with this GHM.

201 BLOG THAT!!!!!

This past weekend our studio visited Washington D.C.  While there we observed the library of congress and various other Smithsonian museums.  Each person was given three of eleven museums that we were supposed to enter and observe the main lobby much as we have been doing for our other field trips this semester, the Greensboro Historical museum, and The Industries of the Blind.  We were to take in materials used, how they were used, lighting and how it was used or not used in the available space.  So naturally we took a million and a half pictures of the lobby space some sketches and spent the bulk of the time touring the museums themselves.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

201 BLOG THAT!!!!!

Since we have such freedom with our posts about what we find well designed I believe it is my duty to bring to light the beauty that is the Porsche 944 turbo.  When the 944 turbo was first released in 1986 it was the beginning of something truly amazing.  The Porsche 944 turbo was not only an amazing looking car it was also an amazing driving machine with a zero to sixty speed of approximately six point five seconds which for back in 1986 and being only a two point five liter engine was a rather fast acceleration time.  When the 944 turbo S was introduced in 1988 it boasted an improved engine with a two point seven liter engine, various upgrades boosting the overall performance to a five point five zero to sixty time, which was faster than almost all production cars made at this time especially in its price range.  In 1989 the S was dropped from its designation being know as the 944 turbo or to those in the know as the 951.  This car is a popular mainstay in autocross racing being used to this day to keep up with modern BMW M3s with all their electronic control systems and assistance.  With its sleak and sexy exterior the 944 turbo is and always will be a true blue head turner among car enthusiasts. 

201 BLOG THAT!!!!!

While in Virginia staying at Sarah Wisseman's house Anuj Patel drew an epic version of me.  The picture of me that Anuj drew is an obese version of me.  It was exceptionally drawn and I have a much better appreciation of my physique and body in general.

201 BLOG THAT!!!!!

My day began much as anyother day began with the happiness I feel as I park in the Gatewood parking lot.  God I do love parking there and no longer having to ride the park and ride bus.  When I got out of my car I was finishing up my car drive morning cigarette that I have on my way to campus everyday.  When I arrived upstairs I began my trek upstairs I remembered that we were having our tour of the Industries of the Blind today, I sort of did a face palm deal in not remembering  my favorite pencil that I use for all my sketches an 8B led pencil.  As our class walked over to the Industries of the Blind I lite up another cigarette enjoying it as I walked slowly savoring every last puff and drag. When we arrived at the building I like so many others hated the ugly main entrance.  As I walked inside I felt a cold chill wash over me unsure as to weither it was the air conditioning or the cold embrace of the building of itself.  I looked to the left and notice the big glass window of the main lobby separating the vistors or employees from the lady that is buzzing us into the main parts of the building.  When I got buzzed into the second area I noticed immediately the odd and out of place little floral garden that has been placed there underneath the stairs.  As I traversed the stairs I wondered what wonderful machinery would be held within the confines of this building.  When I got to the second floor we were met by David Lopresti and he proceeded to tell us all about the history of the building and its employees.
 I was very intrigued to learn about the history of the people who had been working here and all the other things that David had to share with us.  Just a little bit of information about the company.  The Industry of the blind has two hundred and fifteen employees and on hundred and fifteen of those is legally blind.  The terms for being legally blind are having twenty over two hundred vision or worse.  Only a select few of the employees are totally blind.  As we began our official tour of the factory I noticed how much the factory floor looked just like the factory that I was working at in Norway.  They had those odd little painted lanes that are solely for dictating foot and machinery traffic.  When we got to this one press that had an awesome amount of camouflage on it and was being used to cut out template for the bullet proof vests that are supplied to the army or at least they looked like they were the cut outs for those vests.  When we left that room we continued onto the other room and were meet by a very eccentric woman who was running a shirt press that was putting out shirts and sleeves that were being used for the wicket shirts.   When we were finished with our tour we then precede to measure out the area assigned to us and Anna Hambly and I knocked that out within minutes.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Environmental Design 3 GHM Down Home exhibit

I walk into the "Down Home" exhibit and feel an overwhelming sense of respect and I feel humbled by the prayer chant playing  to the left.  I observe a display case of traditional  trinkets and garbs of the Jewish religion. I circle to the right taking note of a particularly prominent display having to do with "The Ark", the center of worship at the synagogue holding "The Torah".  The eternal flame burns brightly, referring to the light over the ark of the covenant in the temple of ancient Jerusalem.  I move across the room to a picture of a man that so deeply reminds me of my grandfather, and I stop to take not of this almost comical man with his big glasses, cigar in mouth, and suspenders.  Harry Golden dubbed as "probably Greensboro's most famous Jew".  I continue to the left of the room to see two posters explicitly portraying to the prejudice displayed against Jews in Greensboro specifically at colleges.  I move to the left once more I see a large exhibit about the Jewish business and community. Having scanned over the rest of the exhibit and basically being pushed up to the last second of the museums open time I hurry to exit the building, and make my way to my car.

Environmental Design 3 GHM Gate City exhibition

I enter the rotunda once more to trek the stairs to gate city, I emerge and immediately am immersed in an early 20th century rendition of Greensboro  decked out with sounds sights and exhibits.  I am so tickled with this so much that I am smiling as I write this.  I sit on the park benches and feel as if someone is about to yell action and people dressed up in time appropriate clothing will emerge and begin commingling.  I look to my left and see a Red REO 1906 four seater and it is stunning the kind of car that Jay Leno would drive on a weekend tour through Beverly hills.  It is beautifully simplistic, a steering wheel, seats, four tires, and an engine.  I look to the right and see this mach class room fitted with desks benches and a really creepy looking teacher.  After the class room I need something cool so I waltzed on over to the fire man exhibit.  It is so awesome to see the old time water truck which looks more like a massive pump.  A little fun fact that I picked up a gallon of water weighs eight pounds.

Environmental Design GHM Period rooms and Pottery display

I exit the gift shop following up the "Voices of the city" exhibition to the period rooms and pottery displays.  I am saddened by the pottery displays as a dear friend of mine had a knack for pottery and was a devoted collector and enthusiast.  I observe the beautiful shapes, sizes, and colors of all the different pottery in the room.  I scan the room to look at all the jugs, pots, cups, bowls, something with a hole in it, what I must assume is an ash tray.  I do appreciate pottery and the craftsmanship it takes to make such works of art but I have no real interest in pottery.  Potting like so many other wonderful things has almost been whipped out by the invention of the machine, the sweat, heart and soul that is put into the actual pottery I think is more important to the piece that the color or shape or size.
I move away from the pottery to the period rooms and I was over taken with all the beautiful furniture.  I adore the ornate lavishly decorated rooms. The rich furniture is amazing I truly wish i had a few of those chairs to put in my parents house, of their furniture is so ugly!

Environmental Design 3 Greensboro Historical Museum Voices Exhibition

As I traveled through the lobby experiencing it much as I had the past two visits, in a mixture of awe the overall beauty and immensity, and the hideous green plastered all over the walls and floor, I am eager to begin my tour of the "voices of the city exhibit".  I walk through the art of turning clay to the rear rotunda to a dimly lite doorway where I am met with the sounds of birds chirping much as they do at my house in the morning.  I proceed into the hallway that has warm gray walls scattered with quotes and pictures and dates much in a timeline formation.  I advance to the next room filled with display cases chalked full of information, while in this room I noticed where the sounds of birds chirping was coming from.  I move to a sign in the next room with our city spelled Greensborough instead of Greensboro.  I feel compelled to explain all that there is too see but due to  the time constraints with my school schedule and work i was only able to get two hours this week in the museum.  I move through exhibit to the civil war exhibit where I take a minute to remember our fallen brethren.  To stop at the loom and take a moment to enjoy the incredible machinery that is involved in its working.  I then come to a postmark in the automotive industry, the model T Ford  a 1916 model.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Environmental Design 3 Project blog 1

I believe that my skills and I would be best suited to helping with the Industries of the blind.  I believe that my approach of simplicity and functionality will be able to relate most with what the I.O.B. hopes to accomplish with the space that we are given.  I would be able to contribute to the other projects as well but I feel that this would be the most rewarding as having a potential to actually being implemented.  I would like to help with the Greensboro Historical Museum especially with the reception desk area.  Over all I want to be among those working on the I.O.B.