Thursday, September 8, 2011

Environmental Design 3 Greensboro Historical Museum Voices Exhibition

As I traveled through the lobby experiencing it much as I had the past two visits, in a mixture of awe the overall beauty and immensity, and the hideous green plastered all over the walls and floor, I am eager to begin my tour of the "voices of the city exhibit".  I walk through the art of turning clay to the rear rotunda to a dimly lite doorway where I am met with the sounds of birds chirping much as they do at my house in the morning.  I proceed into the hallway that has warm gray walls scattered with quotes and pictures and dates much in a timeline formation.  I advance to the next room filled with display cases chalked full of information, while in this room I noticed where the sounds of birds chirping was coming from.  I move to a sign in the next room with our city spelled Greensborough instead of Greensboro.  I feel compelled to explain all that there is too see but due to  the time constraints with my school schedule and work i was only able to get two hours this week in the museum.  I move through exhibit to the civil war exhibit where I take a minute to remember our fallen brethren.  To stop at the loom and take a moment to enjoy the incredible machinery that is involved in its working.  I then come to a postmark in the automotive industry, the model T Ford  a 1916 model.

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