Thursday, September 8, 2011

Environmental Design GHM Period rooms and Pottery display

I exit the gift shop following up the "Voices of the city" exhibition to the period rooms and pottery displays.  I am saddened by the pottery displays as a dear friend of mine had a knack for pottery and was a devoted collector and enthusiast.  I observe the beautiful shapes, sizes, and colors of all the different pottery in the room.  I scan the room to look at all the jugs, pots, cups, bowls, something with a hole in it, what I must assume is an ash tray.  I do appreciate pottery and the craftsmanship it takes to make such works of art but I have no real interest in pottery.  Potting like so many other wonderful things has almost been whipped out by the invention of the machine, the sweat, heart and soul that is put into the actual pottery I think is more important to the piece that the color or shape or size.
I move away from the pottery to the period rooms and I was over taken with all the beautiful furniture.  I adore the ornate lavishly decorated rooms. The rich furniture is amazing I truly wish i had a few of those chairs to put in my parents house, of their furniture is so ugly!

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