Thursday, September 29, 2011

201 BLOG THAT!!!!!

There is an old saying that you are your worst critic and I believe it.  I felt my speech about the spaces that our class had visited whilst in Washington D.C. was far too rushed and hectic.  I have never been to the speaking center before but I had already taken a speaking intensive class Communication Studies while here at UNC-Greensboro previously, so the speech that they had given was a nice little refresher course of do's and do not's.  When the time comes to give another formal presentation I will definitely do much more preparation to be ready I hope to enlist someone to listen to my speech give me feed back and tell me when my speech is lacking or otherwise help me fix it.  Overall I feel I gave a decent speech i'm certainly no Obama with his incredible reserve and smooth composure.  When I was done and sat down much as I usually do I remembered so many things that I didn't talk about and felt so bad that I had spaced so badly on "things" I wanted to bring up, for example I mentioned exhibits lining the walls of the lobby and I forgot to tell about the C-3PO suit in one of the cases.

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