Thursday, September 29, 2011

201 BLOG THAT!!!!!

This post shall be a tribute to the soon to be greatest Role Playing Game of to date history surpassing World of Warcraft, Runescape, and even its predecessors Oblivion, Morrowind, hammerfall, and arena,  The Elder Scrolls Five: Skyrim.  Skyrim takes place in the fictional world of Tamriel, being one of seven provinces that make up Tamriel.  To give an idea of just how massive this game is going to be content wise it is supposed to carry three times the content of Oblivion a game that you can easily put over two hundred hours of real time playing and still not have found every dungeon, cave, baddie, or weapon.  The amount of detail that is put into skyrim will be like watching a movie that is made with current graphics and real time reactions to your actions, an immersive gaming experience that has never been experienced before.  My only complaint about this game is that it is not going to include a co-op element.  When I say co-op I mean Cooperative element that would allow you to play with friends on either the same console or online with people all around the world.

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