Sunday, September 11, 2011

201 BLOG THAT!!!!!

My day began much as anyother day began with the happiness I feel as I park in the Gatewood parking lot.  God I do love parking there and no longer having to ride the park and ride bus.  When I got out of my car I was finishing up my car drive morning cigarette that I have on my way to campus everyday.  When I arrived upstairs I began my trek upstairs I remembered that we were having our tour of the Industries of the Blind today, I sort of did a face palm deal in not remembering  my favorite pencil that I use for all my sketches an 8B led pencil.  As our class walked over to the Industries of the Blind I lite up another cigarette enjoying it as I walked slowly savoring every last puff and drag. When we arrived at the building I like so many others hated the ugly main entrance.  As I walked inside I felt a cold chill wash over me unsure as to weither it was the air conditioning or the cold embrace of the building of itself.  I looked to the left and notice the big glass window of the main lobby separating the vistors or employees from the lady that is buzzing us into the main parts of the building.  When I got buzzed into the second area I noticed immediately the odd and out of place little floral garden that has been placed there underneath the stairs.  As I traversed the stairs I wondered what wonderful machinery would be held within the confines of this building.  When I got to the second floor we were met by David Lopresti and he proceeded to tell us all about the history of the building and its employees.
 I was very intrigued to learn about the history of the people who had been working here and all the other things that David had to share with us.  Just a little bit of information about the company.  The Industry of the blind has two hundred and fifteen employees and on hundred and fifteen of those is legally blind.  The terms for being legally blind are having twenty over two hundred vision or worse.  Only a select few of the employees are totally blind.  As we began our official tour of the factory I noticed how much the factory floor looked just like the factory that I was working at in Norway.  They had those odd little painted lanes that are solely for dictating foot and machinery traffic.  When we got to this one press that had an awesome amount of camouflage on it and was being used to cut out template for the bullet proof vests that are supplied to the army or at least they looked like they were the cut outs for those vests.  When we left that room we continued onto the other room and were meet by a very eccentric woman who was running a shirt press that was putting out shirts and sleeves that were being used for the wicket shirts.   When we were finished with our tour we then precede to measure out the area assigned to us and Anna Hambly and I knocked that out within minutes.

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