Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Third year presentations

Whilst listening to the third year students talk about their projects my eyes were immediately caught by Greg Hickman's poster board.  Greg had a central idea of exploration, to allow the patients of Central Regional Hospital to explore themselves and others in a safe child and adolescent enviornment.  The thing that attracted me to Greg's project the most wasn't his color scheme his layout or even his idea, it was the fact that I, as a child, would have felt comfortable in those spaces.  His renderings had a very friendly look to them almost as if it was a home away from home where you could be comfortable no matter where you were.

Semester summation

I believe this to be my most sucessful drawing of the semester anyone can use a tool to draw straight lines, but to sit down and really draw what you see is something entirely.  If someone would have shown me this six months ago and said you will draw this, I would have called them bat shit insane, and told them that I can't draw like that.  Well I think it is a master piece in comparison to my earliest of works which I find laugh able now.
Since my first day I knew that this program was going to be rigorous and very time consuming, but what I didn't know was how much fun I was going to have growing with all the people in the studio.  I learned some new things, the most important of those is how to step back from a problem analyze it and attack it from multiple angles with multiple methods of solving it.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Leaf: observational sketch

This is a remake to the best of my ability of the original sketch I had of our banana plant's leaf.

Project four: Luminaire

Preliminary sketches

First design implimentation of mirrors in luminaire.

Layered Chandelier

Logistics of the project in the making.

More logistics figuring out the drill angles and angles of the pieces, also shows my final luminaire design.

Light effect: warm cascading effect

The monster in action.

Drafting assignments

Drafting pictures

Observational drawings

Behold the cupcake!
Sketch up of my hand loosely gripping my pocket knife.

For some reason everyone kept asking if I was feeling okay the day I started this sketch, I must have redrawn the eyes five or six times.  When I realized I was "done" I had chewed through half my eraser and three of my pencils with erasing shading smudging and redrawing parts that I wasn't happy with.  Although this picture is very dark, I am very satisfied with how it turned out.

Scale figures

This picture I found to be most hilarious, as it was my first introduction into blind contour drawing.  The figure that somewhat resembles godzilla and mothra attempting to make a baby is actually two people sitting back to back.

This is a scaled drawing of a TLC snack bar, mmmm good.

Project Two: A place for twelve sticks

Top picture final product
Bottom picture initial design