Sunday, September 11, 2011

201 BLOG THAT!!!!!

Since we have such freedom with our posts about what we find well designed I believe it is my duty to bring to light the beauty that is the Porsche 944 turbo.  When the 944 turbo was first released in 1986 it was the beginning of something truly amazing.  The Porsche 944 turbo was not only an amazing looking car it was also an amazing driving machine with a zero to sixty speed of approximately six point five seconds which for back in 1986 and being only a two point five liter engine was a rather fast acceleration time.  When the 944 turbo S was introduced in 1988 it boasted an improved engine with a two point seven liter engine, various upgrades boosting the overall performance to a five point five zero to sixty time, which was faster than almost all production cars made at this time especially in its price range.  In 1989 the S was dropped from its designation being know as the 944 turbo or to those in the know as the 951.  This car is a popular mainstay in autocross racing being used to this day to keep up with modern BMW M3s with all their electronic control systems and assistance.  With its sleak and sexy exterior the 944 turbo is and always will be a true blue head turner among car enthusiasts. 

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