Thursday, September 8, 2011

Environmental Design 3 GHM Down Home exhibit

I walk into the "Down Home" exhibit and feel an overwhelming sense of respect and I feel humbled by the prayer chant playing  to the left.  I observe a display case of traditional  trinkets and garbs of the Jewish religion. I circle to the right taking note of a particularly prominent display having to do with "The Ark", the center of worship at the synagogue holding "The Torah".  The eternal flame burns brightly, referring to the light over the ark of the covenant in the temple of ancient Jerusalem.  I move across the room to a picture of a man that so deeply reminds me of my grandfather, and I stop to take not of this almost comical man with his big glasses, cigar in mouth, and suspenders.  Harry Golden dubbed as "probably Greensboro's most famous Jew".  I continue to the left of the room to see two posters explicitly portraying to the prejudice displayed against Jews in Greensboro specifically at colleges.  I move to the left once more I see a large exhibit about the Jewish business and community. Having scanned over the rest of the exhibit and basically being pushed up to the last second of the museums open time I hurry to exit the building, and make my way to my car.

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